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There are a number of chores around the house that you can usually fix or complete without the assistance of a professional. Fixing leaky pipes or installing a dish washer on your own can save you hundreds of dollars. However, cleaning your tile and grout is a job better left to the professionals. The tile and grout cleaning professionals are in business for a reason. Cleaning tile and grout to give it that brand new shine takes a great deal of know how, expensive industrial grade equipment, and experience that you cannot obtain without turning it into a career.

We use a newest technology to revitalize your floor surfaces. Hydro-force SX-15 is a best in hard surface cleaning. It's engineedred to perform better then any other tool on the market, the SX-15 gives result neve seen before.

Cleaning head was aerodynamically engineered to create a laminar flow vortex that removes water twice as fast as competitive tools. Plus, the 2" tubing dramatically increases airflow over 1.5" tube. The low profile design of  the SX-15 allows to get under toe-kicks easily. 


After cleaning tile we offer grout sealing to give it long lasting protection agains stains and spills penetrating the gout.

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